We are truely blessed to have come across the teachings of the Dance of the Directions through Angelika Salberg (pictured above) who lives in Warburg Germany. Angelika is a ‘Minister’ of Sunray Meditation Society and Gadugi Member in the Ywahoo Lineage under the guidance of the Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo. Dhyani Ywahoo often refers to Angelika as the ‘Dance Mistress of Europe’. We are fortunate that Angelika continues to support us to deepen in our practice and chooses to visit us in Devon England each October to offer teachings.

There are currently 6 of us who have been tested and are now authorised by Angelika to teach the Dance of the Directions, four in Devon, one in Cornwall, and one in West Yorkshire.

These authorised teachers are:

Kanada Elizabeth Gorla. E:kanada@shineinchangingtimes.co.uk
Andrew Broadhead. E:andrew.broadhead4u@gmail.com
Sue Milner. E:milner.sue.m@gmail.com. T:07961-694392
Tina Sharman. (Contact details to be confirmed)

Jill Greenacre. E:greenacrejill@gmail.com

Sue Goodwin. E:suegoodwin99@gmail.com